Click the link the red button below to start your Independent Agent Agreement and an EFT & W9 request. The forms will be signed using Adobe Forms. Also, have your void check and a copy of your ID ready to upload in either jpg or pdf format.

If you need assistance, email us at or call 888-258-7722 Option 1.

If you would like to contract with our different insurance carriers please click on the button below to forward out to our Carrier Contracting Portal.

How To Use Our Contracting Portal

To register with Altus using SureLC platform click the above weblink to start the registration process. You will be redirected to our registration Page

In the following example, this is the registration page for the Awesome Group with the contact information shown on the top right. Enter the required information in the fields provided to register with your agency. Additional details are provided below.


Step 1: Enter your SSN 

Step 2: Enter your Last Name

Step 3: Enter your Date of Birth

After entering your DOB the system will check the NIPR database to make sure you are a licensed producer. Once your account has been located, the following confirmation message will be shown. This means you can continue with the registration process by completing the remaining steps.


Step 4: Enter the email address you’d like to use as your Login ID.

Step 5: If the affiliation list is shown select the name of the affiliation as per directions provided by your agency. If the affiliation option is not shown skip this step.

Step 6: Please review the authorization to obtain PDB report from NIPR shown in the right pane. After reviewing, select CREATE ACCOUNT to provide your authorization and to create your new SureLC account.

Once your account is created you’ll see the following confirmation message:


Next, you’ll receive a confirmation email at the address entered as your Login ID.  The email will be sent from Locate the email and select Click Here link to activate your account and complete the account registration process.


Create your Password

At this point you’ll be redirected to the following password creation page where you must create your login password. Enter your password and re-enter it in the fields provided following the rules below to make sure it’s secure.


Click Save Password to complete the registration process and to be logged into your new SureLC account for the first time.

The first time you log in you will need to review and accept the SureLC SaaS Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.  Select the checkbox and click Accept Policy to continue past each screen.


This completes the account registration process. For more information about how to setup your SureLC account click here. 


Producer Profile

Navigation Menu

The menu is comprised of two main sections: My Profile and Contracting, plus a Help & Support page.  My Profile and its related pages contain personal information about the producer, background information, banking info, licenses, and more.

The Contracting section at the bottom of the menu is where producers can submit new contracting requests, check the status of outstanding requests, and view any existing carrier contracts.  Please refer to the table below for more information about each page.

Please note: Producers should review the information shown on all pages to verify it is current and correct.  Failure to do so may result in delays or rejection of any contracting requests.

The My Profile page is the starting point when producers login to SureLC. The producer’s last name, SSN, NPN, and DOB are imported directly from the producer’s PDB report at NIPR and are not editable.
The Doing Business As page is where the producer’s DBA type is specified. This setting determines which forms are required for new carrier contracting requests and how producer commissions will be paid. Click Here for more information about the Doing Business As page.
The Firm page is only shown when the producer is doing business as a Business Entity. It shows the information for the Firm that is specified on the Doing Business As page.
The Licenses page shows ALL of the producer’s state licenses by status (Active or Inactive). Most of this information is imported from NIPR and updated on a regular basis. Producers may purchase or renew state licenses right from SureLC! Click Here for more info.
The FINRA page is where a producer indicates if they are a registered representative with FINRA or not.  If Yes then SureLC will attempt to automatically import their CRD#, Broker Dealer information, and other FINRA-related details such as State Registrations, Exams, Disclosures, etc.
The Questions page contains some of the most common background questions that carriers ask. Producers must answer ALL background questions before they will be able to submit any new carrier contract requests. Background questions and answers are included with ALL new carrier contract requests.
The History page is where producers can provide the last 7 years of employment and resident address history. Please note this information is optional.
The CE & Training page is where producers provide proof of current Anti-Money Laundering, Annuity State, LTC State, and AHIP Medicare training certification to agencies & carriers. Click Here for more information on how to use this page.
The E&O Insurance page is where producers add their existing E&O policy information or purchase new E&O coverage.
The Signature page is where producers MUST review and sign the signature authorization form before they can create any new carrier contracting requests. Use this page to access the form and/or to create a digital signature on-screen.
The Profile Documents page contains ALL the documents uploaded to the producer’s profile. For example, AML certificates, E&O declaration pages, voided checks, signature authorizations and more can be found here. Click Here for more details.
The Contracting Requests page is where producers can create and submit new carrier contracting requests to their agency and/or check the status of outstanding requests. Click Here for more details.
The Carrier Contracts page shows a producer’s carrier contracts that were completed through SureLC. Click Here for more details.
Visit the Help & Support page to see contact information for your agency and to access support and training materials in SureLC’s Help Center.

Profile and Contracting Notices

Certain information is required in order for a producer to create and submit a contracting request to their agency.  When this information is missing, SureLC displays yellow and/or red notices indicating what information is necessary.  These appear as dots on the menu, and as full text notices on each relevant page.

Red dots/notices indicate which pages are missing information that is required BEFORE the producer will be able to create a new contracting request.

Note: When the notice includes a FIX button you can click on it to be taken to the page where the information can be added or corrected.

User Menu

Click the circle in the top right corner of the application to open the User Menu.  This menu contains:

  • Information about the logged-in user
  • A link to Sign out of SureLC
  • The link to Account Settings where you can change your UserID and Password (if not using SSO from your agency)
  • Your agency’s contact information

How to Create a New Contract Request

After logging into your SureLC account, go to the Contracting Requests page.

This will take you to the At Producer tab by default. Select the Create Request button to begin.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Create Request button will only be enabled if all required information in your profile has been completed. If there is any missing required info you will see a red notice on the menu and a detailed notice at the top of the Contracting Request page listing the info that must be provided in order to create a new request.

This will take you into the request process with the following steps, depending on the type of request: Note: Not all request types include every step.

  1. Carrier and Request Type
  2. States & Products
  3. Training
  4. Errors & Omissions
  5. Carrier Questions
  6. Questionnaire
  7. Confirm & Sign

Step 1: Carrier & Request Type

Use the carrier list to select the carrier and then select the request type. In the following example Transamerica was selected as the carrier with Contract as the request type.  Select Next to continue.

Please note: Only carriers that your agency has made available to you are listed here. If the carrier you’re looking for is not listed please contact your agency.

Request type definitions:

  • Contract – Select when you want to submit a new carrier contract request (and you’re not currently contracted with the carrier).
  • Add State – Select when you’re already contracted with the carrier and ONLY want to be appointed in an additional state where you are currently licensed.
  • Payment – Select when you want to send ONLY updated banking information to the carrier.
  • Transfer – Select when you are already contracted with the carrier but want to transfer the contract to the agency whose account you are currently logged into.

Step 2: States & Products

Next, select the product type(s) you would like to sell, and the state(s) where you would like to be appointed for the carrier.  Only states where you currently hold an active license are listed. Your resident state is tagged with a house icon.  Then select Next to continue.

Step 3: Training

On this step if there are any training requirements they will be shown at the top of the page. In the example below, the producer has already uploaded their AML training information which has satisfied the requirement for the carrier. If this information is missing and is required it will have to be fixed before you’ll be able to proceed. You may use the Training Concierge to have SureLC automatically retrieve training information from the available providers. Select Next to continue.

Step 4: Errors & Omissions

Some carriers and agencies require producers to have Errors & Omissions insurance. In the following example, the producer already has an active E&O policy.  When E&O coverage is required and no policy information has been added to the producer profile it can be added here. Review the information shown, make sure the requirements have been met, and then select Next to continue.

Step 5: Carrier Questions

Review all of the carrier questions and provide answers as necessary. Required questions are shown in red. Once all the required questions have been answered, select Next to continue.

Step 6: Questionnaire

This step asks additional background-related questions that are required in order to submit a contracting request for the selected carrier. These questions provide important background information to the carrier about you (the producer). After reviewing ALL questions, select Next to confirm that all answers are current and accurate, and to continue.

Step 7: Confirm & Sign

On this final step you must review the completed forms. Scroll ALL the way down to the bottom of the page to enable the Apply My Signature button. Select the button to continue.

Note: Some carriers may have an additional Signature step that requires you to Review and Sign additional forms. Follow these same instructions on that page, if applicable.

Read the signature attestation and then select Sign to compete and submit the contracting request.

Once the request is submitted you’ll be taken back to the At Producer tab and the following message will be shown. You may choose to download a copy of the signed paperwork from here.

The request you just submitted will now be listed on the AT BGA tab on the Contracting Requests page. Your agency will contact you if they have any questions or updates.